Our Mission

Here at Hum Media LLC, we strive for three simple core values: MAKE AN IMPACT:  Our team focuses on helping your brand make a real impact online and thinking outside the box, not limiting our capabilities and goals to them. PUTTING THE ‘U’ IN US:  To help create, achieve, and maintain the highest standard of success you deserve. We make it our mission to fully understand what makes you ‘U’ to help create content that will blow your competitors out of the waters and display what your business stands for perfectly. PASSIONATELY CREATIVE: We are incredibly passionate about what we do and helping you stand out from the crowd. If there were an easy route to take, you’d find us in the opposite direction. We LOVE to challenge the impossible and create content that tells a story in a single shot and moment.


We love what we do

Sorché Morgan


Work Process

All about the process

01. Research

Collect and analyze relevant data. Develop marketing strategies. Goal Setting. Audience research.

02. Concept

Set objectives. Set campaign budget. Shape message. Develop creative platform. Create campaign plan. Design content.

03. Launch

Analyze what is and is not working and make proper adjustments. Track results.