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The importance of a website can never be denied. A strong online presence is the backbone of sales and retaining engagement. Whether you are a new entrepreneur getting into a new venture or you are an existing business or blog thinking about taking your business or brand to the next level, we design attractive, responsive, and user-friendly websites on the latest CMS platform. We are a passionate team of developers having years of experience in Website Development. Hum Media is ready to help you build a strong online presence for your business!

Studio Session

In our studio we offer a wide range of services. We help create instructional and educational videos, host virtual events, professional photography services, and much more. We put the creative thought into your promos, ads, and online presence. When you book our studio, you will have access to our professional hair and make-up artist, as well as our professional production team. All you do is show up with a great idea and let us do the do the rest for you. At Hum Media studios, everyone is treated like a celebrity.


Making the switch from offline to online business isn't always as simple as it seems. What works offline may not work online. Hum Media LLC helps to adopt new strategies to keep your current customers and attract new ones. Our team has the necessary skills to make sure your online store is attractive and easy to use. As customers expectation of personalization increases, personalization will become an eCommerce standard. In fact, 33% of customers have ended their relationship to a business with insufficient or no personalization in place.

Content Creation

We write professional, SEO optimized content for your website or blog. The first thing writers have to be able to convey is the need a customer has, and how your product or services will fill that need. It sounds simple enough, but far too many sites don’t convey the customer’s need and instead just sell, sell, sell. This is not the way to reach a customer. In fact, this is the equivalent to a door-to-door salesman: you can see it from a mile away and you avoid it at all costs. We know all the ins and outs of writing professional content. But the creative process doesn't stop there, we also create high-quality video ads for brands with budgets of all sizes.

Marketing Strategy

A marketing plan is how you promote your business throughout a certain timeframe. Your marketing strategy also informs your marketing plan. Your strategy defines what marketing channels you’ll use (print, social media, commercials, digital ads, direct mail, etc.) and your plan defines what activities you will do throughout the year, weeks, or months within each channel and the timeline for doing those activities. Our marketing strategy ensures that the way you promote your company aligns with your overall goals, and it enables you to achieve the greatest value from our marketing strategy.

Our Mission

Here at Hum Media LLC, we strive for three simple core values: MAKE AN IMPACT:  Our team focuses on helping your brand make a real impact online and thinking outside the box, not limiting our capabilities and goals to them. PUTTING THE ‘U’ IN US:  To help create, achieve, and maintain the highest standard of success you deserve. We make it our mission to fully understand what makes you ‘U’ to help create content that will blow your competitors out of the waters and display what your business stands for perfectly. PASSIONATELY CREATIVE: We are incredibly passionate about what we do and helping you stand out from the crowd. If there were an easy route to take, you’d find us in the opposite direction. We LOVE to challenge the impossible and create content that tells a story in a single shot and moment.


See what people are saying

I didn't know what to expect but I could tell Sorché was honest and positive and that's what I support.

Jimmy Stadler

The whole experience working with Sorché's team was a very fun and enjoyable experience!

Ben Whilder

High quality content at such a reasonable price. What an outstanding studio Taos, New Mexico has.

Aubrey Itson

I was quite impressed with the level of professionalism, integrity, energy, and compassion that Sorché brought

Ryan Timmermans

A fresh breath of air for locals! Highly professional, informative and connecting Taos when we need it most.

Julia Fernandez

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Build Customer Trust

Why trust matters...

If you're working to build trust online, it's important that you provide as much support as possible. Establishing trust in an online context is both critical and difficult. Shopping and ordering through a website is a vastly different experience than shopping at a local department store; customers have less to go on when determining how comfortable they feel about making a purchase. It's up to you to quickly earn their trust and curb any skepticism. First impressions are important in any type of business, they are even more important for online stores. That's why Hum Media takes the time to create a compelling and aesthetically pleasing web design. We write engaging content that let's the customer know exactly who you are and what your brand stands for. Hum Media also works with many analytic software to manage your growth so that customers can see that you are a trusted brand and business.

Reach Your Audience

Building brands that matter

Whether you’re a seasoned business owner or just starting out, you'll want to advertise your products and services to the right people who are most likely to need them. But how do you determine who your target audience is, and even more importantly, how do you reach them? Some of the major advantages of working with Hum Media LLC is that we have the ability, experience, and skills to help effectively target your desired demographics and audience.


We love what we do

Sorché Morgan


Work Process

It's all about the process

01. Research

Collect and analyze relevant data. Develop marketing strategies. Goal Setting. Audience research.

02. Concept

Set objectives. Set campaign budget. Shape message. Develop creative platform. Create campaign plan. Design content.

03. Launch

Analyze what is and is not working and make proper adjustments. Track results.


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